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Accurate measurement of water flow is essential in the irrigation industry. Irritek has responded to the increasing government regulation of water flows in Queensland and New South Wales over the past twenty years and has been at the forefront in developing metering installation solutions and applications.

The three considerations when buying and installing a water meter:

1.What Water Meter is the best for my application?

  • AS4747 meter specification
  • Pipe work configuration at the proposed installation site
  • Pump site and local conditions including source and quality of water
  • Suited to water entitlement conditions
  • Flow velocity range suited to operating conditions
  • Operational and power requirements
  • Ingress protection against dust and water penetration
  • Manufacturers and suppliers support
  • Adequate meter warranty, after sales service and replacement parts
  • Delivery arrangements and timeframes
  • Ongoing research and development
  • Competitive pricing and additional options.

Irritek is a MACE supplier and Irritek Managing Director Jim Spain is a nationally Certified Meter Validator.

Irritek supplies MACE meters because of MACE’s marketing leading products and technology. The MACE AgriFlo Wci Series of Meters is the industry preferred meter for agricultural and waste water flows

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Example Solutions For Agricultural Flow Monitoring

  • Flow Metering of River Pumps

Surface water pumped from river or channels is often filled with trash and moving at high velocities. Other brand mechanical meters are challenged in this environment and wear out quickly leading to failure or repairs. MACE AgriFlo is Doppler ultrasonic, no moving parts with no obstruction to the flow.

  • Irrigation Channel Flow Monitoring

Lateral Diversions are generally deep underground with limited access and limited metering options due to multiple pipes. Metering can either be extremely expensive, inefficient or no metering at all. A single MACE Agriflo can measure up to 5 flows.

  • Flow Metering of Siphons

Combined with a through-the-bank siphon structure, the MACE AgriFlo is a cost effective solution for metering supply water.

  • Bore Water Centre Pivot Irrigation

Ground water extraction requires accurate flow metering as water resources become less secure. MACE AgriFlo XCi together with a MACE insertion electromagnetic sensor can be used in pipes from 50mm to 1 m in diameter. The system is low or nil maintenance. When monitoring flow into centre pivot or lateral move irrigators, suitable inputs into the AgrFlo can monitor pressure and temperature and other parameters. Click here to view MACE manuals.

2.How to Install the Water Meter for Optimum Meter Efficiency

Optimum water meter results can only be achieved by a site specific installation that complies with the regulatory requirements and responds to the physical peculiarities of the site. Irritek has experience in a wide range of different site applications and can advise on installation solutions to suit the site. Irritek can supply and manufacture the infrastructure required for the installation and install and verify the meter. As Irritek can undertake all steps required to deliver a verified water meter installation the overall cost efficiency is maximized.

3.Ensure Water Meter Installation is Compliant

Meter installation specifications are required to meet AS4747 as detailed in NSW and Queensland Interim Standards. These include:

  • Operating accuracy of completed installation
  • Pipe length requirement (lead in/lead out)
  • Location of Valves and Fittings
  • Meter validation requirements
  • Tamper sealing requirements
  • Workplace, health and safety considerations relation to installation, maintenance and site access.

Only a nationally certified Meter Validator can inspect and approve the meter and installation work prior to governmental approval for use. Irritek Managing Director Jim Spain is a nationally certified Meter Validator who has over 25 years experience in water meter installations and commissioning. He is passionate about assisting clients develop metering solutions that suits their site, their budget, optimizes their water use and complies with regulatory obligations. Jim is a former member of the Australian Standards 4747 Committee on Non-urban Metering. He has advised on metering solutions throughout the irrigation areas of NSW and Queensland.