Trash Elevators

The Irritek Trash Elevator has a wide range of applications in agricultural irrigation and general water management and has been designed to clear the worst rubbish in the toughest conditions.

Irritek Trash Elevator can form part of a new Pump Station or can be installed to existing infrastructure to increase efficiency. Irritek’s Trash Elevators are designed and custom made to your application requirements.


  • Labour saving—hand shoveling becomes a thing of the past
  • Continual removal of trash allows for efficient pumping
  • Free flow of water
  • Trash piled for easy removal
  • Can be fitted to existing trash screens
  • Hydraulically operated to allow conveyor and elevator to be individually adjusted


  • A cleaner is fitted to the front of the screen to remove any rubbish
  • Paddles and chains move the trash along screen
  • Rubbish pushed on to a 12m long conveyor belt
  • Rubbish deposited into a neat pile for collection


  • Conveyor – 12m standard size, paddles, screen and mainframe
  • Elevators are made to order to fit headwall
  • Painted in 2 pack epoxy paint for anti-corrosion and longer life
  • Superior corrosion resistant chain fitted