Pump Station Installation Garah, NSW

Sample of Irritek’s Pump Stations

Pump Stations

Irritek offers a complete pump station project management service that includes design and layout, manufacture and provision of components and installation and site construction to the commission of the project. Irritek provides clients long term solutions with a strong focus on initial capital and ongoing operational costs.

With over 100 pump stations, designed, built and in service around Australia in a variety of applications, Irritek exceeds client expectations to maximize water and energy efficiency and water output requirements.

Irritek works collaboratively with our clients at the critical design stage to provide a pump station and infrastructure that is best fit for the client and the site requirements. As well as new pump stations, Irritek’s design team can provide solutions for upgrading existing pump station infrastructure.

Pump Station Components:

  • Pumps supplied by Irritek or the client and platforms
  • Engines supplied by Irritek or the client and platforms
  • Distribution, suction and pump tanks, including platforms
  • Irritek channel gates and check valves and inspection hatches
  • Field, crossing and supply pipes
  • Irritek Trash screens and elevators
    (optional extra)
  • Headwalls and bund walls, drop boxes
  • Stairs, ladders and walkways
  • Clutches, belt guards, gear boxes, V-Belts, SKF bearings and Centaflex couplings
  • MACE water meter systems


  • Engine frames, stairs, walkways, ladders, drop boxes and pipe components are manufactured by Irritek
  • all steel used in Irritek pump station components are painted with 2 pack epoxy paint


Irritek pump stations can be installed and commissioned by Irritek’s experienced team or our innovative ‘turn-key’ pump stations can be manufactured by Irritek and dispatched to site for client installation.