Pump performance capacity is determined by the head distance required to pump the water. See Pump Curves Charts for more information.

Irritek can provide a China pump that is best suited to your irrigation requirements. Click on pump sizes to see the pump curve chart that shows the capacity for that model based on the head distance;


Irritek supplies china pumps for use in agriculture irrigation and water management infrastructure.

Based on years of pump station design and installation, Irritek recommends and supplies pumps that are cost effective without compromising reliability and performance.

Irritek Can Supply:

  • Stand alone pump
  • Pump and pump set manufactured to client requirement and specification. This includes pump & engine frame
  • Pumps as part of a complete pump station

Pump sizes range from 16” to 32”

Pump types:

  • Mixed flow
  • Bilge
  • Vacuum

Pump Maintenance, Rebuilds and Exchange Service

Irritek can service and maintain or rebuild a client’s existing pump. This is often more cost effective than and a new pump set.

Irritek also offers a 24/7 pump exchange service to keep water flowing. Irritek’s experienced site crew can replace a pump centre on site or the centre can be exchanged at Irritek’s workshop or depot. While clients keep pumping with an exchange pump centre, Irritek can complete a rebuild on the pump.

Irritek carries a full range of pump spare parts:

  • Bearing
  • Belts
  • Belt guards
  • Clutches
  • Drive shafts