Irritek can supply any pipe to suit for water infrastructure. Irritek is experienced in the manufacture and installation of different types of pipes in varied site conditions and can advise on piping options for different applications such as field pipes, culverts, main water supply, pumping off take and road crossings.


Irritek custom manufactured steel pipe is made at Irritek’s factory at 744 Carnarvon Highway Moree NSW. Using a 3 metre wide plate rollers and submerged arc welding plants, Irritek can produce high quality steel pipe up to 4 metres in diameter. Optional painting with 2 pack epoxy paint will ensure rust free durability.

Imported Steel Pipe:

Irritek supplies quality imported steel pipe of any diameter in a variety of wall thickness including 4.8mm, 6.4mm, 7.92mm and 9.53mm which are all suitable for high volume pumping applications.

Concrete Pipe:

Irritek supplies concrete pipe and headwalls. Standard concrete pipes available are 300mm to 3000mm diameter, typically manufactured in 2.44 lengths which are available flush joint or rubber ring joint.

Plastic Pipe:

Irritek supplies Vinidex Storm Pro Plastic Pipe to customer requirements.