Channel Gates and Check Valves

Irritek is the Australian wide supplier for the Best Valves range of channel gates and check valves. Best Valves products are the best value for both money and quality and have been designed in response to customer concerns regarding price, availability and ease of use. Best Valves Channel Gates and Check Valves are used in agriculture, civil, mining and municipal water infrastructure applications. They are used on cotton farms, any irrigated agricultural crops, recreational water parks, coal tailings dams and storm water pipes.

Best Valves Channel Gates:

Best Valves Offers 3 classes of gates for maximum head pressure as follows:

  • 2metre/ 4 metre Low Head Gates
  • 6 metre/ 8 metre High Head Gates
  • 10 metre High Head Gates
  • Fully galvinized heavy steel construction;
  • Stainless steel rollers;
  • EDPM rubber seals;
  • Heavy duty self aligning bearings;
  • All gates have standard 2 inch mast thread;
  • Enclosed thread masts incorporate gate open indicator as standard equipment.
  • Gate opening mechanism can be by hydraulic ram, hydraulic motor wid or 4:1 gear reduction;
  • Channel Gates can be fitted by use of medium or heavy duty wall mounting brackets, mast extensions and mast stabilizer brackets for securing the mast back to tanks or walkway frames;
  • Spigot options are standard weld on spigots for steel pipe and tanks, flanged spigots for flanged pipes or grout in spigots for concrete pipes and head walls;

Click on Best Valves Website Products and Parts page for full dimension detail;

Click on Best Valves Channel Gate Installation guide;

Irritek is very experienced in the installation of all Best Valves Channel Gates.

Irritek holds in stock spare parts suitable for other manufacturers gates.

Check and Flap Valves features:


  • Constructed of fully galvanized heavy duty steel – durable and made to last;
  • Check Valve body design allows for the flap to be changed without having to replace the whole check valve body;
  • Access hatch can be mounted on the top or the side as per customer preference and pipeline position;
  • Valve body hatch is bolted – very heavy duty;
  • Best Valves Flaps can be used both inline and at the end of a pipe;
  • All Best Valves flaps have a lip seal which is suited to vacuum priming systems and dry vacuum pumps;
  • High impact seal capable of high loads of water;
  • Optional bypass fittings to manually return water around check valve to backwash pump;
  • The flap can be fitted to the end of a pipe or to inside a check valve body;
  • Flaps can be replaced easily and without replacing the whole check valve body;
  • Valve access body hatch won’t blow off as is bolted unlike other valves that have a wing nut joiner;

Irritek is very experienced in the installation of Best Valves Check and Flap Valves.