Industries we service

Irritek clients value our experience, quality focus and hands on service that combine to produce better results. Whether its Irritek manufactured products or project delivery, Irritek is committed to exceeding client expectations.

Irritek’s products and services are used primarily in the following industries:

Irritek in Agriculture

Irritek commenced business as a supplier of products and service to the large scale irrigation industry with a special focus on infrastructure for cotton farms. As efficient water management is vital to all agriculture, all of Irritek’s products and services are designed and tested in agricultural settings such as;

  • Cotton Farms;
  • Any broadacre cropping farm;
  • Large scale vegetable production;
  • Feedlots;
  • Group water schemes for smaller farms.

Irritek’s complete product and service range is designed to meet the demands of agricultural water infrastructure including Pump Stations, Pipes, Water Meters,Trash Elevators and full range of installation and advisory services.

Irritek in Civil

Irritek supplies a range of products to the civil engineering and construction industry. These products can be used for; 

  • Storm water management;
  • Urban design;
  • Waste water treatment and recycling;
  • Ground water measurement.

Irritek products for use in these applications are:

  • Irritek Corrugated Metal Pipe Machine (CMP)
  • Irritek Channel Gates and Check Valves to regulate water flow;
  • Drop boxes;
  • Culverts;
  • Mace water meter and installation structures.

Irritek in Mining

Irritek supplies products to the mining industry for use in wastewater management, water supply infrastructure, environmental watering systems and groundwater measurement.

Irritek products used by the mining sector;

  • Irritek Corrugated Metal Pipe;
  • Irritek Channel Gates and Check Valves;
  • Steel piping;
  • MACE water meters;
  • Irritek fabricated walkways and stairs;

These products can be used in these applications:

  • Culverts;
  • Road Crossings;
  • Under Haul Roads;
  • Mine and conveyor portals;
  • Safe access to mine sites;
  • Ventilation shafts and airflow columns.